Paolo Nutini and The Return of Arctic Blast 2008

20 Dec

While the streets had previously cleared up from the snow days earlier this week today was a non-stop blasting of snow. Plus wind gusts that dropped the temp to single digits and there is not only more snow in the forecast for tonight along with the NW classic, freezing rain. So while my plan was to break out and use today to do all my holiday gift shopping I instead settled for another day in while the white out blizzard conditions swirled outside my windows. 

I started a new book two days ago, got about 17 pages into it and am on track to finish that off today – so I haven’t been totally slothing around. But I did find time today to catch up on blog reading online, to make a delicious dinner and to somehow get sucked into watching two totally sappy movies. 

I, like most women I know, am a fan of the romantic comedy. But even I have my limits on what movies I won’t go see or even rent. But when you are snowed in, all caught up on a LONG list of DVR’d shows and needing to feel like taking breaks from marathon book readings will keep you from getting cabin fever you let your standards slide a little.

Today I watched P.S. I Love You ; don’t ask me why. I personally don’t even like Hillary Swank. But the cute men characters with Irish accents totally sucked me in. Plus, I did take a liking to Lisa Kudrow’s character and while watching the movie there was a scene in an Irish bar (as in a bar in Ireland) and I put it on pause while I mentally racked my brain because one of the songs I knew all the words – it was Rewind; by Paolo Nutini. I believe my love of Paolo Nutini has previously mentioned during Savvy 6’s but it was one of the few high points in this movie.

After dinner I was in need of more entertainment and found License to Wed was on HBO OnDemand. I have to admit, this was a movie I previously would have rented. Robin Williams, Mandy Moore and Jim and many others from The Office – this thing had to be funny. It was cute and I did find myself laughing and taking tips from the decor of the apartment Mandy and Jim shared. But yet again in another bar scene – what is with the bar scenes? – there was another Paolo Nutini song! What are the odds? This time it was the more well known New Shoes single but still – a little odd, no?

So yeah – there are any where from 6-8″ of snow outside my home and I have been reduced to watching random romantic comedies while reading in my pajamas. I do alternate locations of my lounging so that’s something.

Okay, I wasn’t a total loser – I also ventured down to the mail boxes – located within my building, just two hallways down so no outdoor excursion required and I did two loads of laundry. I am ready for the winter storms to stop – can you tell?

*And as long as it continues to snow I am keeping the snow feature turned on this here blog. Learn about it.


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