Yes, I am a Nerd.

21 Dec

I think that sometimes people get the wrong impression when I first meet them. Yes, I love shopping, fashion and designer shoes, and well – just shoes and fashion/shopping in general. Yes, I love gossip websites, celebrity magazines and going out with my various girlfriends for cocktails in fun dresses. Yes, I was a cheerleader, a cheerleading coach, a homecoming court princess and in a sorority. But here’s the real deal folks – I am a HUGE nerd. 

I am a stay in on the weekends, read a book, talk to no one, watch Law & Order marathons nerd. I love watching Muppet movies and organizing my closet and dresser drawers by style and color. I fold all my socks and underwear, I sort my shoes by varying degrees of dressiness and by color. I like to make my bed and wash my makeup brushes. I make lists – all sorts of lists – from work to-do’s, to goals, to shopping lists for various stores like Target and lists for errands to run, I keep lists of books to read, lists of CD’s to put on hold at the library and lists of people to write emails and cards to. I can finish one book and within 15 minutes (after a hearty internal debate) move straight into my next book all with a smile on my face. 

Why am I telling you this you ask? Well because today due to inclement weather once again I was home bound and I did many of  those things. I finished a book and started a new one, I put away clothing items and yes, I watched part of the Law and Order: Criminal Intent marathon on Bravo (CI is my least favorite of the L&O’s by the way). 

I get teased quite a bit for my high level of nerd behavior. Some might think it’s sad but really, I think that my nerd factor is just part of my unique charm. A fun quirk that makes me even more special perhaps.

*I did try and branch out and be mainstream by watching I Am Legend – but I knew at some point Will Smith’s dog dies and I just couldn’t deal with watching that part plus all the suspense was starting to freak me out so after my third round of pausing the movie I just chickened out and changed the channel.

Here’s some pics from my adventure out to my car at the bottom of my hill – holy snow – this weather is nutso!


Poor Ice Covered Corolla

Poor Ice Covered Corolla


That's some ice layer!

That's some ice layer!

Ice Sheets in the Street

Ice Sheets in the Street

Lots of Snow

Lots of Snow


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