A Top 5 – Suburbs Edition

24 Dec

Here’s a trusty top 5 list (ala Mego – she loves her some top 5 lists) of things I have come into contact with over the last 24 hours from being back in the suburbs.

  1. Black Apes. Now before you get really excited and think I have moved into the zoo or a wildlife sanctuary let me clarify. A black ape is a drink. But not just any drink – it’s half Guiness and half Pyramid Apricot Ale. Pyramid Apricot Ale on draft has and remains my favorite beer. For the better part of my adult drinking life I have loved this beer. I’m a fan of Black and Tans and when I saw this item on the menu at the local sports bar by my parent’s house I was intrigued – and pleased!
  2. My neighborhood strip mall. While one thing I do generally despise about the ‘burbs is  the abundance of strip malls when you are car less and want to go for a walk and within a mile and a half have a grocery store, 3 coffee shops, multiple restaurants, a liquor store, a video store, etc – you get the idea. My mom and I took a nice walk and knowing all those options was reassuring in case another storm hits. At my apartment my only options are Starbucks and Plaid Pantry.
  3. Rite Aid’s Holiday Inventory. I think with having a car and knowing how close Target is I never even think about Rite Aid. When I was out yesterday I stopped at Target and they were wiped out of holiday items – not my local Rite Aid people. Not only did they have all the unique holiday items I wanted but they were ON SALE for 50% off or buy one get one FREE.
  4. Spending time with my high school friends. These are the boys who walked me to school in 6th grade, who opened my Christmas presents, who have basically known me since I was a little kid. We all grew up together and most all of us have our parents still living within a short distance from each other. Our mini high school reunion at the local sports bar was the perfect end to a stressful day of breaking out of the cabin fever.
  5. My dad. Not only did my dad come rescue me from the West Hills yesterday but he took me to run errands at multiple locations and he’s the kind of man who owns a 4 wheeler and likes to ride around on it in the neighborhood. That 4 wheeler might just be the best entertainment option I have and I’m pretty pumped about it. Although his offers to pull me sledding on it sounds slightly dangerous but ultimately awesome.

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