The Post Christmas Miracle

27 Dec

If you are an avid follower of this blog, which I am sure the 5 people who read this are (sidebar: I love how when I am with my friends at drinks or on the phone catching up we talk about my actual blog – comments left, thoughts had, ideas, etc. This blog has a life of it’s own that will not be restricted to the interwebs.) really wondering what the F happened to that hyper organized and at times slightly neurotic girls keys?

Well good news friends, the keys have been located and retrieved! Today when returning to the West Hills we drove through the parking lot of my complex and now that the snow has melted away I gazed out the window to the 6 square feet where I knew my keys may remain and there in the wet but snow free grass were my glorious house key on the ball chain with the complex accessable fob! Good thing I have that large panda head key cover so I could quickly identify them!

After this glorious find and savings of $50 from my checkbook I was also able to remove my car from the snowy side street with ease, enjoy lunch with my favorite 3 year old and family, shop with my dear mother at two shopping malls and have a delicious sushi dinner with the parents.

I should note on my shopping adventure Mrs. Dub and I ventured into one of those stores that has calendars and games at 50% off post Christmas and low and behold we scored an Oregon Ducks calendar (for her) and a Boston Red Sox calendar (for me). I have looked oddly enough at a handful of places and had yet to find a Red Sox calendar – must be a post Christmas miracle because not only did they have one left but it was half off. First the keys, then the calendar. Lady Luck was on my side.

Finally let me be the first to make this announcement: after 2 successful nights of DOMINATING my parents I think I will be taking my Rummy Card Playing Skills and going to the Vegas. If you can play Rummy in Vegas and make some money I’m not going to lie to you – I would be game.


One Response to “The Post Christmas Miracle”

  1. Jessica December 29, 2008 at 12:14 pm #

    Hooray! Losing your keys is like losing a limb (you will remember I was without mine for a week in the summer of 07) What a wonderful Christmas miracle! Hope the rest of the holiday was great. Say hi to the “Dub” fam for me!

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