NYE | The Great Debate

28 Dec

Now that Christmas has passed it is on to the next major winter break holiday – the ever hyped up and usually somewhat lack luster; New Years Eve. 

I don’t hold any anger towards NYE like some people who do, I don’t really get excited about it either. To me NYE can be really fun; like last year with my friends at a house party with champagne overload or it can be really just anti-climactic. It really is a mixed bag of a holiday.

For me the major issue I have is that I don’t see the point in throwing a lot of money into the thing. Why spend a ton of money on entrance fees, cocktails, cabs, hotels, dresses, etc? There are so many other nights where you and your friends can easily go out past midnight in the same fun attire at many of the same establishments without the lofty cover charge. 

So this year my plan is simple – some place low key – no major hotel ballroom parties or over capacity bars – and hopefully I’ll be with my good friends. I used to be one of those people that believed who you were with, where you were at and who you kissed at midnight was going to dictate how that New Year would be for you. 

After the last two NYE’s I am officially putting that theory to rest – because if that theory is true then I really lead a strange personal life.

Have a great NYE plan? Let me know – I’m just needing that final bit of decisiveness to make the big NYE commitment. Let the 12am celebrations begin for 2009!


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