Internet Searches | 2008 Edition

29 Dec

While geeking out online today, as I find myself often doing I came across this list of Top 10 Internet Searches for 2008. As the year end is approaching and I find myself reflecting on what 2008 goals I did well with and which ones I completely failed at (don’t worry, this is my planned topic for 12/31 or 1/1) I like seeing the various polls, stats and top 10 lists out there.

I can’t say I was shocked at some of the items on the list – Britney Spears seemed like a clear leader but #1, really?!? Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Britney and I am sure contributed to her being the #1 search but I really thought the top spot would be more inclined to be a political figure…like that really popular Obama gentleman. Further more, more people were searching for information about the WWE than the future President of America?

Also, it appears as though I may not be as savvy and as cool as I previously thought because 2 of the items on the list I am completely oblivious to – until today I had never even heard of Naruto or RuneScape – I still don’t know what these things are about. I am hoping this is really not a huge world wide phenomenon that I am in the dark about…then again, maybe if they are I should be glad I am oblivious. I would hate to become a Naruto addict and have one more reason to never leave the house…


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