2008 Goals | A Retrospective

31 Dec

In January of 2008 I made goals – not resolutions because I find that word daunting; but goals – things I wanted to strive for and try to attain. I feel as though goals is a much more positive word. In fact, in January of 2008 when I started this blog blogging wasn’t anything I even planned to take too seriously. I just knew that this blog would be a fun thing to do and way to capture my thoughts and views in a new interactive way. 

Of the 3 (I think there were 3 – at least I remember making at the minimum 3 and maximum 5) goals I made I actually only accomplished 1. While I realize that is a dismal return I feel really good about it – how often can you say you completed a goal you made for an entire year? That goal was to read at least 2 books per month. 

I know that might sound really lame but for the years of college and even post college my leisure reading had basically been zero. Growing up as an only kid, daughter of a teacher and really, just being SUPER smart I enjoyed reading. It was a fun way to pass my time and I have always find reading as a better hobby than say stealing cars or having a drug problem – because really literacy is a much better activity than many alternatives.

In the last year I have not only read at a minimum 2 books per month, but in total (including the book I finished today – which for the record was Marley and Me and having lost my black lab a few months ago I know I was NOT ready to read that yet) I have read 41 books. Yes, that’s right…41 books…approx. 3.5 books a month. 2008 Goal: ACCOMPLISHED.

Last year when I wrote my first blog I wrote about how I was ready for the year to end, that I needed 2007 to come to a close so I could feel like I was having a fresh start for what I anticipated was to be a great 2008. I wish I could say that 2008 gave me everything I was looking for, well, I could say that, but I would be lying. 2008 was a tough year and I think once again I will be heading into the new year with a handful of goals and a renewed mental capability to close some life chapters.

I have been continued to be blessed with amazing girlfriends and have even gained some additional lovely ladies in my life for which I am very thankful. My family has been healthy and the time I have been able to spend with them, through both some good times this year and some trying ones had been rewarding. I have my health and look forward to celebrating that in the coming year with my training for my first triathlon – which should add some great content for another year of blogging.

So here’s to 2009 – hopefully it will be a great one, because after all, this is my life.


One Response to “2008 Goals | A Retrospective”

  1. Blondie January 1, 2009 at 2:12 pm #

    THIS IS MY LIFE! haha, love it 🙂

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