Lycra Swimsuits Are NOT Your Friend…

1 Feb

That is in fact one of the valuable lessons I have learned in my first week of triathlon training. First let me clarify that yes, I am in fact training for a triathlon. 5 years ago if you would have asked me if I wanted to do a tri I would of said no way, in fact I think I would have been shocked at the very idea. But here I am…I just completed my first week of training including two group workouts at 8am on Saturday mornings, my first trip to a lap pool in the better part of a decade, and enough self discipline to actually get m through sticking to the training schedule.

My first group workout on a 30 degree Saturday morning I could taste iron in my lungs while running. That was what I would refer to as “not cool” but I survived and headed to the beach that afternoon to meet up with my college girlfriends. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t let tri training take over my life and really, I committed to the idea of making sure I am still seeing the people I want to see, doing the things I want to do and trying to keep as much balance between me time, friends time and training time as humanly possible.

Later in the week I ventured on the spandex adventure to get a swimsuit that was not going to be a floral or bright printed bikini and let me tell you friends – not only are one piece bathing suits annoying to wiggle yourself into but lycra ones which most high quality swim training suits are made of are EXTREMELY unflattering. Anytime a woman has to go up 1 to 2 sizes (much like in bridesmaid dresses) it is bound to be a depressing shopping adventure…and yes those do exist. 

After acquiring a suit that wasn’t totally horrible there was also the swim cap hunt (super hot) and then the ultimate sexy accessory clincher – goggles. I will say that while I learned this week I can barely swim and will need to be doing LOTS of work in that discipline I did actually look the part and it wasn’t half bad. Hey, I have to take the victories where I can get them.

So – week 1 is in the bag and things are going well.


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