Back in Blogging

12 Mar

Dear Loyal Readers (which means Mego, The Sox Fan, Bird Legs and Blondie), 

After a long hiatus for a number of reasons (none of which were my lost love of blogging but simply a loss or new allocation of time) I am BACK. 

Right now there are a number of blog topics at top of mind so don’t get too used to these multiple posts in one day but do note I am now making a concerted effort to step up my blogging game and get back on the wagon. 

I want to note if it were not for the encouragement (read: harassment of The Sox Fan) this comeback would most likely not be taking place today. Also, I have another 2.5 hours of flight delays and lucked out in finding an open outlet for my computer at the terminal, which for anyone who travels – you know what a find an outlet can be!

It’s good to be back friends, and I look forward to your comments. 


P.S. Right after I posted this I realized this is post #100 – WAHOO! What a great way to ring in the next century of posts – hopefully this will be an indicator of where my blog future lies.


One Response to “Back in Blogging”

  1. mego April 3, 2009 at 9:09 pm #

    Yay! 100 posts! That’s huge, dude.

    Glad you’re back. And tell that damn Sox fan to leave you the eff alone.

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