Phoenix : A Study in Pros and Cons

12 Mar

I am a bit Type A. Some might say that is an understatement but I like to think it is accurate. I am a little hyper organized, but I can also be really laid back and go with the flow. Sometimes I need to know answers to everything and other times I am perfectly fine to leave things to the unknown. 

One of my more Type A characteristics would be my border line excessive use of list making. I use lists to get things done – I like the feeling of crossing items off (this is a proven esteem booster p.s.) and I like to make lists to evaluate things. 

So here we go, a pros and cons list on Phoenix based solely on the 31 hours I have spent here lately:



  • Sunny and warm temps
  • Dry heat with cool breezes
  • Clear nights for perfect running conditions
  • Spring Training Baseball Games: beer, sun, hot dogs, baseball – this should count as more than one Pro point
  • In-n-Out
  • The type of atmosphere that not only condones day drinking and excessive partying but it actually kind of feels like it promotes it
  • Golf carts – I just love golf carts – they seem to epitomize FUN
  • An abundance of beautiful pools, golf courses, manicured lawns
  • The ability to cover up tired eyes with sunglasses (gotta love the little things)



  • 4 hour flight delays with no other options to fly to Portland after 7:30pm (STUPID)
  • Having to wait for a plane and pilots to fly down to Phoenix from Portland to fly me back to Portland…do they not keep pilots and planes at the Phoenix airport?
  • The lamest airport terminal EVER – all the newstands and dismal food options closed at 7pm…and I won’t be leaving until 11:30pm so this displeases me even more
  • Old people…lots of old people – including the kind who collapse at Spring Training Baseball Games
  • Dust – the dust gets all over everything and it just makes me feel dirty
  • Middle aged men hanging out with college dudes on Spring Break who like to cat call women who are alone and walking to their hotel rooms…hypothetically speaking
  • Photo speed radar every 2 miles on the highway with all sorts of varying speed limits 
  • High maintenance girls in tube tops – the ones that just act holier than thou and are mean

*Things with Phoenix were going so well. My flight in was fine and on-time, my rental car was clean and available at the airport, I didn’t get lost or stuck in traffic once and my hotel was acceptable. I had a half day event so I was available to actually kick of JDub’s 2009 Baseball Season in March via attending a Spring Training game (my first) and indulging in a hot dog, a beer and some great sun time. But upon arriving at the airport earlier than anticipated I was greeted with a flight delay of 2 hours. Then I was forced via lack of options to settle for a sad and partially sick turkey sandwich and then greeted by yet another 2.5 hour flight delay.

This is the most ridiculous set of flight delays I have ever head of. So, the initial delay was due to a broken plane and when they spent time trying to fix it they then realized they needed a new plane. By the time they got the new plane the pilots had timed out. SO, then the second delay comes because they have to wait for new pilots. New pilots are alloted a 2 hour window to get to the airport. Now would be a good point to note the new plane and new pilots are NOT here in Phoenix. They are in Portland. That’s right – we are now 4.5 hours behind because we are waiting for a new plane and new pilots to fly down to Phoenix to fly us back to Portland. Oh, and when the second delay hit there was one other flight to Portland but it was on another airline and they were unable to seat any of us on that flight. 

How is it that there are NO other flights to Portland after 7:30pm on a Thursday night of Spring Break week in this entire airport? Furthermore, how are there no planes or pilots to step in and fly to Portland? Ugh. 

At least this airport has wireless internet – BUT of course it’s not loading some of the sites I frequent. A pox on you Phoenix.


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