26 Mar

A couple years ago I was out with some friends at a sports bar in town where a new professional sports team was out post-game celebrating or drowning their sorrows, I can’t remember which but we were having drinks and a fun time. At one point a gentleman approached me and over the course of the night proceeded to hit on me. Disregard that while I was not in fact dating the guy I was with there at the time he was in fact the one person I had been hanging out with consistently over the course of the night while my girlfriends ran around. At one point this gentleman informed me that he was one of the coaches for the aforementioned sports team and during what I believe to be a series of compliments and attempts to wear down my tough exterior of “I don’t really want to talk to you” he started listing off things about himself, details that perhaps I would want to know that would then soften me down to his pickup attempts. One of these details was “my favorite movie is Serendipity” – really sir, really?

I had never seen this movie but through my general knowledge of the world around me I was pretty sure this was a John Cusak romantic comedy. Which in turn made me think this was in some way related to the whole softie guy looking for the right girl thing that I should fall for…he also noted he loved romantic candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach as well as Serendipity.

Well this past weekend while I was coming off of the cold season and vegging out in my sweats I came across Serendipity and since it was Saturday night and I had already had my big adventure of swimming and running (because that is what hot girls do on their Saturday nights) I decided what the heck – let’s see what this is all about.

Standard romantic comedy with a decent cast of characters including Aiden from Sex and the City, Bridget (the girl Tom Brady knocked up), Kate Beckinsdale (who I now think is adorable), Jeremy Piven (who doesn’t love The Piv!) and so forth. For those who have not seen this I wouldn’t say I recommend it but I would say if you are looking for something to watch just because it’s on it’s a decent one (certainly better than Roadhouse which for some is a fall back movie). The thing about this movie is that it is all centered around the idea that everything that happens to you is a sign. That you can’t control your destiny and that there is some master plan. Like if you are contemplating dumping your boyfriend and you then sit down at a coffee shop and some person has left their magazine and the article open is “10 ways to have fun as a single person” that that is a sign you should dump him and be single.

I think in a way I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who believe things happen for a reason and that all things are part of some greater plan. Oddly enough since watching Serendipity I have now caught myself reading into all sorts of small instances as signs. The even stranger part, is that you would think by thinking everything is happening for a reason I would then over analyze it even more and drive myself crazy – I don’t! That’s seriously the best part. Now that I can chalk things up to being some part of a “sign” I can no longer run the situation over 20 times in my head and contemplate ways to change it. I’ve found a way to turn off my over-analyzing.

*Not sure how long this is going to last but I am trying to ride it out for as long as possible.

So thanks professional sports coach – but no thanks for trying to make out with me in public.


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