Day 3: Success

2 Dec

I recently started a new job, and when I say recently I mean this is my third day at aforementioned new job. One of the draws of my new job (besides the whole monetary compensation and idea of a large scale new challenge) was that my office would be smack dab in the center of downtown. More like smack dab in the center of my fashion happiness. I am two blocks from my favorite shopping store, Nordstrom, along with Banana Republic – the only one in the area which carries petite sizes – which when you are 5’ 3” is crucial and 4 blocks from the large shopping complex.

Besides all the work I will be doing to boost the economy one pair of fabulous shoes after another I was also able to change my home library location to the main downtown branch. I know, I know, total nerd moment; but I just love the idea of all my holds and requested books and CD’s being picked up at the main branch. The main branch is so stately and looks like a real city library versus the tiny shack location I was previously using that always just smelled odd and in which I had to deal with aggressive panhandlers catcalling me. Note to men: if you are panhandling outside a small library branch you have bigger issues to worry about than trying to befriend ladies. Just saying.

Anywho, another exciting thing about my new job location was that I was going to ride public transportation, specifically the light rail train MAX to and from work. If that commute won’t provide event basic blog worthy content I don’t know what will. Since I live close to downtown it would be more time effective to drive in but with the expense of paying for parking (what a dumb thing to do each day – I mean really, I would pay $10-15 per day for a slab of cement to house my car – no thanks) my new employer pays for my annual public transit pass so I considered this a pretty good incentive. The closest park and ride to my house is only about 4 miles away so off I went Monday AM.

EXTREME FAIL. I arrived at the park and ride at 7:40 to find NO parking spots. Over 600 parking stalls and not a single one was open – well the handicapped and carpool designated spots were open but since I am neither handicapped nor green enough to carpool I was hosed. So I drove into work, which was fine, and checked online to see if I could find any details regarding this whole full park and ride lot. Low and behold there was a tiny note on the webpage of the park and ride location saying this lot often fills up by 7:30am on weekdays. To which I say – BUILD ANOTHER LOT.

Tuesday AM rolls around and I decide to give being green another shot. I arrive at the park and ride at 7:15 and once again EXTREME FAIL – the lot is full. Mind you the entire drive there I was basically reciting over and over “please let me find a spot, please let me find a spot” – well friends my hopefulness was for NOTHING. Once again I drove into work and since I did I made it a point to stop by Banana Republic to give myself that little boost of retail therapy happiness.

This morning I was holding no punches I arrived at the park and ride at 6:50 and GLORIOUS DAY I found a parking spot. There were others as well and a steady stream of cars coming in behind me so I think I was close to the end of availability. I rode the train to work and all appears to be right with the world.

Will it get annoying getting up no later than 6:10am to shower, get dressed and blow dry my hair (yes, you read that right friends – I now blow dry my hair everyday – I am that fancy) the answer I think is going to be yes. Will it frustrate me to be at work at 7:20am when I don’t need to be here until 8am, possibly but I have some other morning time saving solutions I am thinking about busting out as I adjust to this new job and schedule.

So in closing, you are welcome Portland. I’m contributing to being green, I’m using my tax dollars via your library and transportation systems and I’m pretty damn happy about it.


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