Downtown Food Cart Adventures – A Series

10 Dec

Well week 2 is in full swing at my aforementioned new job. Things are going well. I’ve written up one proposed plan which was well received and quickly approved. I’m getting adjusted to the whole waking up in pitch dark and actually getting out of my warm cozy bed instead of hitting snooze for the next two hours. The train commute into and out of work has been uneventful and now that I have a fully paid for annual pass for the transit system I look forward to more adventures.

For my foodie friends I’m excited to report I went out for lunch yesterday and tried one of Portland’s well known and highly raved about food carts. Being in the center of downtown and having a hectic schedule ramping up I figured for the time being if I do take a lunch break it would be best to limit my shenanigans to trips to the library to pick up hold items and quick pop ins to grab food to go. Well, you know what is perfect for quick lunch time options: FOOD CARTS.

One block up from my office are two full blocks of food carts. So I ventured out without any prior research of recommendations, looked around to see which ones seem to be popular or smelled the most magical and then I realized I should start my food cart experiences with a traditional item: gyros.

I can only think of one time I have had a gyro. From what I remembered it was pretty tasty so I was open to the idea of not only trying out a food cart for the first time but also trying a non staple item to my food consumption roster. I had a chicken gyro from Aybla Grill and it was fantastic! The chicken was tender, the pita was like a cloud, all the ingredients were balanced and I’m not usually a tomato or parsley fan so you know that’s saying something. Aybla Grill was super quick to order from, had huge photos depicting their menu and reasonably priced. I arrived back at the office to find this fantastic Food Carts site and I’m excited to say I will be continuing my food cart adventures! You can sort Food Carts Portland by food genre, neighborhood, mobile and new cart. So fantastic.

Last night I also had a alumni party for my triathlon group and had tickets to a rock concert and the best thing about being downtown for work is I was able to take the train or walk and make it to all the events! No sitting in traffic or circling the block for parking for this lady.


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