I could of died – True Story.

18 Dec

When I was 5 my mom was driving me to the daycare before kindergarten. I was sitting in the backseat of her Ford Bronco bundled up in my pink and purple snow parka enjoying a lifesaver. I started coughing. The life saver then became lodged in my throat. Horizontally. Thank goodness they have that hole in the middle so I could get air in. Being that my mom was operating a motor vehicle and then subsequently freaking out because I was coughing and clearly choking on a piece of hard candy I kept hacking away until I threw up. All over my coat.

Today I was basically chain consuming cough drops for the second day in a row. I started coughing and ALMOST swallowed the hard candy like cough drop. As the cough drop started down my throat I had a flashback to the day when I was 5 and choked. I was able to pin it between my teeth so I didn’t die or vomit all over my clothes while sitting in a cubicle at work. Now THAT would of been embarrassing.


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