It was bound to happen…

8 Jan

I’ve openly admitted I am a big fan of the library. The library has single handedly helped me achieve my reading goals/new years resolutions for 2008 & 2009. I mean really, when something helps you achieve your goals how can you not being a fan.

Let’s put it this way, would Karl Malone achieved the stats and career he had with out the assistance of John Stockton? The answer is no my friends.

For all those helpful benefits the library has provided me (and my iTunes library) and all the wonderful free PR and word of mouth I have spread about it how am I re-paid? By treking to my local library branch only to find one of my hotly anticipated hold items is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

WTF library? I look on the hold shelf. No book. I go to the checkout desk and inform the gentleman that I have a book on hold that is no where to found on the shelf. He then obviously doesn’t beleive me because he goes to look for himself. SUPRISE. I was STILL correct sir, no book on the shelf.

He then does some magic nerdery on the computer machine and checks the hold shelf where CD’s and DVD’s are. Oh wait, he finds some HORROR movie with the hold tag in it for my book. I am not a scary/horror movie fan.

He then checks the movie to see who that actually belongs to with the smart thought that maybe there was just a mistake and that person has their hold tag in my book. Back to the hold book shelf he goes. Epic fail. Still no book.

At the end of this debacle the library gentleman put me first in line of 53 people to receive the next available copy. Which he noted should only be in a day or two.

That would all be fine and good EXCEPT the library I use is the one closest to my work, downtown, and they will be closed for maintenance repairs Monday – Wednesday next week.

So in a week I should get the book I was supposed to have today. Build me up & break me down library.


One Response to “It was bound to happen…”

  1. Blondie January 11, 2010 at 5:58 pm #

    BOUND to happen? bound like a book? bwa ha ha

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