Mistaken Nerdery

26 Jan

Today I ventured over to the Central library in downtown to pick up my hold items. Recently the library re-configured their check-out system and where you used to have to stand in line for an employee to pull your media holds from the shelf, scan your card and check your items out you can now go around the corner to get your own damn items.

Where the media holds/checkout station used to be there is now a “New Books Section” to browse. I loved this feature about the library in the burbs when I was in school so I was supportive of this change. Plus, there is a new fancy scanning station for self checkout so I no longer have to even talk to any strangers at the library which I am very supportive of. Stranger Danger people.

So while I was browsing the new books section I heard some bossy lady say “Excuse me, can you help me?” I assumed she was asking the staff members at the library that loiter around and try to help you with new check-out technology (no thanks people, I’m good). Well then I overheard bossy mcbosserson ask again in a slightly higher octave “Excuse me…miss?” so being annoyed that there was a loud woman in the lobby of the library I turned around to see why no one was helping her and low and behold she was staring at me.

Oh, I see. You don’t get that the library remodeled and I am not actually behind a counter holding the media holds hostage but in fact am browsing for books because if your could READ all the signage denoting the holds are now around the corner and follow the arrows we wouldn’t be having this issue and you wouldn’t be speaking loudly and in an annoyed tone.

So I stared back at her and said, “I don’t work here”. She then replied back with “oh” and went on her way I assume, I turned back around and browsed the books.

Moral of the story, I may spend too much time at the library since I am now being mistaken for a library employee. Oh, and people try and be self sufficient and aware of your surroundings so you don’t come off as a jerk who can’t read or fetch their own hold items.


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