This is why I know I am a nerd.

5 Feb

I dated a guy once who thought my nerd tendencies were something to make fun of me for. Granted it may of been more poking fun at the situation then verbal abuse but still there was a great deal of teasing and sometimes it made me feel insecure.

Today has started off like occasional days do where I get really inspired to get orgranized, sort files, clean email inboxes, reconcile my check book, etc. I think because I have a job that thrives on organization and came with little…and when I say little, I mean no structure, I tend to take the liberty to nerd out.

This isn’t your typical stay in on a weekend night reading or sort my dresser to color code my clothes, this is full on writing policies and best practices for work and detailed job description functions. This is nerding out and getting paid for it.

So as I sit here getting ready to reconcile my checking account spreadsheet that tracks where my various funds go and email my boss with a four page detailed job description and suggested policies for routing projects through the agency I am happy. I am perfectly content to be a nerd.


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