You win some and you lose some.

12 Feb

Holy crap. This work week has been insane. In the two years I worked at my previous job at the jungle gym, not a real jungle gym, but a place that basically was like being on a child’s playground, I never bothered to learn how to arm the security system or disarm it. I always just made sure to scoot out of there before being the last person to go home and make sure I was always meeting someone on site at events or at the office early so they could disarm it. This was mostly based on one of the huge factors in having that job was to regain some work life balance that I was previously missing.

I have been at my new job here at the agency for 2.5 months. I now have armed the building and am well versed in the disarming process. WTF. Work life balance is out the window.

And here’s why that is good and bad. The agency has no policies, no structure, no documented processes or procedures. This while nice to not feel so restricted and robot like has it’s pain points. Mostly that there is no consistency among people or processes and everyday feels like a fire drill. Which for organized nerds really is a personal hell.

Being a Type A organized nerd I have been tasked with correcting these issues from a 10,000 foot high overarching level and also at the detailed process/day to day level. Which is great for me and something I am excited about. But is also basically a whole additional job. On top of the under-staffed and under-resourced issues I face with my day to day job I’m feeling like an anxiety or panic attack is in my future. And when I say future I mean possibly Monday. Today is Friday people.

Last night I was the last one out of the office and when I left I still had work to do, but couldn’t stand to be here alone any longer because it’s creepy being at the office alone and at night. I prepared myself for a long stressful day today at work. Little did I realize that when I went to the gas station this morning it would set the tone for this shitty day.

I pulled in and requested $15 of gas, went inside to pay with my credit card (not lugging my whole purse in) and they ask for my ID. So I go back out to the car, get my ID and go back in. I sign the receipt and go to my car to wait for my gas to finish pumping. The attendant knocks on the window. I wave thinking we are done. She signals no, don’t leave. I open the door. She tells me the gas didn’t go to the limit I was charged so I need to go in to get my refund on the balance. I am confused. How did my car on empty not accept $15 of gas? I look at the pump. Total: $30.87. FML. I say “I only wanted $15” and she says “You were charged $50”. FML round 2. I go back in the confused dude at the counter hands me a voided receipt noting my card will be credited the $19 some odd balance. I say “I only asked for $15” and he says “I heard $50”. Really dude? I drive a small toyota my car won’t take $50 of gas. I mention this as I am glaring at him and walking out.

Today is my personal hell.

And I almost cried at work.


One Response to “You win some and you lose some.”

  1. Kevin February 12, 2010 at 3:11 pm #

    I had the same thing happen to me at a unocal 76 last week. Apparently “five” sounds just like “fill” after 10+ years of inhaling second-hand gasoline. Unlike you, I made a scene and was subsequently told never to return. It was insult to injury.

    I suppose sometimes this world is just a giant spinning mess of office chaos and retarded service attendants. What’s important to remember that with the bad will come the good. Don’t cry Julie! If anything it sounds like growing pains.

    If it is any consolation, at least you still can go anywhere you want for a fill-up 😉

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