iPod Flashback

17 Feb

Today is one of those days where I have so much to do but so little motivation. Actually, let me take that back. I have so much to do and even starting to organize it makes me anxious and frazzled. Days like this require small breaks for personal sanity (such as this blog writing) and the use of earbuds and my iPod on shuffle. Shuffle on my HUGE library that covers music from high school – current.

My iPod sometimes likes to throw in songs I love to make my happy and then sometimes it likes to straight up bitch slap me with flashbacks. I just wrapped up a large tedious project and BAM; Time and Time Again by Counting Crows comes on.

The best part is the first verse with the way Adam Duritz slides through the following lyrics (my favorite lyrics in this song as well):
I wanted to see you walking backwards
To get the sensation of you coming home.
I wanted to see you walking away from me
Without the sensation of you leaving me alone.

It’s not that this song has a specific memory associated with it but it does remind me of the angsty relationships of high school and my dear friend Molly. I can’t believe how in to CC we really were, and how many times I have actually seen this band live.

iPod strikes again.


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