Damn you flat shoes.

23 Feb

I have a love/hate relationship with flat shoes. Being 5′ 3″ I’m not considered tall by any means. There are probably some junior high schoolers who are taller than I am.

I’m the girl who has to buy short length pants or on rare occasion a brand that runs a little bit shorter and requires me wear heels so I’m not dragging along extra inches of denim while I walk.

I have no problem rocking heels. In fact I am probably more comfortable in them than a lot of people. However, I ride the train to work and park in the top floor of the transit center so there are a fair number of cement steps to lug up and down plus the couple of blocks from the office to the train. We also occupy two floors and there is quite a bit of running up and down stairs I do on a daily basis. Wearing heels and doing all of this isn’t horrible but when you want to workout post work you don’t want to have the excuse of sore feet from miles logged in stilettos.

Hence where flats come in. So practical. So comfortable and for me so Burberry. The only down side to these flats is what when I pair these with some jeans that are on the longer side and then venture anywhere outside in rainy conditions my pant legs suck up water like a vacuum and I am stuck with cold, wet ankles when I want to go run a quick lunch errand.

So here I am, my ankles shivering, waiting for my pants to dry all in the name of practicality and flats with jeans that were slightly too long for my short frame.


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