Future Sandwich Artist?

20 Apr

Here at my current workplace we have a full service kitchen, well there’s no stove top or oven (sidebar: oddly enough my last job had this applicance) but we have multiple fridges/freezers/beverage coolers and drawers filled with work provided foods. You name it, we’ve got it.

This is a genius idea for employers because your employees will come in early, because they can always make breakfast, they will work through lunch, because they can make something and go back to their desk and eat while working, they’ll stay late because dinner can be made in the kitchen as well as an afternoon beer. Need a snack or an espresso? Go to the kitchen. There really is very little need to leave the building. The costs for supplying food and beverage have to out weight the cost savings of employee productivity.

Today is a magical day that happens once a month or so. Costco day. Yes, that’s right friends massive supplies of deliciousness that are a break away from the standard every other day refills we get on the basics from Safeway. We love Costco day because often times there are new additions and the rare items that go super fast because we all love new stuff.

Fruit snacks are usually my favorite item from Costco day, well that and a huge box of Morningstar Veggie Sausages which I consume in massive quantities at my own home. But today we had all sorts of delicious new sandwich supplies and I made my best sandwich ever.

Wheat bread, spicy brown mustard, hummus, pepper turkey, havarti cheese, salami and spinach. Just thinking about it now makes me happy. I may take my sweet sandwich making skills on the road…or up the street to an awesome food cart to share with the world. Hard to say.


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