Oh so maybe I’m the jerk…

20 Apr

Here’s the deal. I’m not a morning person. I live alone so you have to realize my first interaction with other people is usually on the train or getting coffee or at the office. I do enjoy the company of the morning news and/or Today Show while preparing for the day but I don’t engage in conversation with anyone so when I finally get into a public place I’m not always ready for sunshine/rainbows/good morning greetings in extremely chipper tones.

For the most part I’ll avoid any verbal contact with people on the train and with the exception of ordering my coffee I’m not super chatty. Today I was getting off the train and beelining towards my morning coffee stop when a dude jumps up from the bench and starts walking with me saying “Do you appreciate good writing?”. “No” was my reply. Mind you I am carrying a book from the library. Clearly I enjoy good writing, I am planning to read 36 books this year, I’m one of the biggest book worms I know. But here’s the deal buddy: I don’t want to listen to your short story, I don’t want to buy a story from you, I don’t really want to deal with any human interaction – much less a stranger “stranger danger” is a real thing sir, and I certainly don’t want to be attacked or killed which could be a possibility from being roped into listening to some random dude’s story.

I’ll admit this was a better line than “Do you have any change to spare?” or “Can you buy me _____?” but it’s just too early for me to be roped into listening to or purchasing a story. It’s 7:15am sir. Give me my space.

The upside: he chuckled a little when I said I was in fact not appreciative of good writing. So maybe I’ve provided some entertainment for his day. I could of just ignored him or said “No thanks” or some similar brush off line but at least he knew I was listening…

Okay fine, maybe I’m a jerk.


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