Really?!? The fun part of working downtown…

2 Jun

When I took my current job about 7 months ago I was really excited about my central downtown office location. I knew it would be fun to try new restaurants for lunch, happy hour and sometimes dinners with friends. I loved the idea of getting really into the massive food cart scene. I was close to great shopping for days when nothing else will help but retail therapy. Frankly, I was also stoked about the people watching as downtown areas are known for attracting all walks of life.

But then I realized my office is one block from a methadone clinic. Which means there is a lot of loitering around appointment times. Lots of angry phone calls to whomever for rides to and from aforementioned clinic. Lots of angry incoherent mumbling at people walking by. Mostly it’s just me avoiding eye contact so I don’t get caught in the rath of Crazy McCrazersons.

I’ve seen couples get into knock down drag out screaming matches literally in the middle of the street. I’ve seen medical transport drivers chase clinic patient’s down the block. I’ve heard lots of various ranting to no one in particular and most importantly I’ve learned I never want to do drugs/become a drug addict. Every young high school person who thinks drugs are cool should be required to intern at a methadone clinic. Hello wake up call.

I have yet to see anyone I know coming or going from the clinic (I should be relieved about this) but let’s be honest, I tend to pick up my pace a bit when hustling past that place. Oh downtown, with the good come the crazy.


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