Loud Talkers.

3 Jun

I like to think that being a quiet person and awkward in new situations and large public gatehering has to to with my reserved mother’s personality. While I feel like most people who know me consider me pretty outgoing the probably do not realize I’m only outgoing when I am comfortable, or with people I know, or drunk…let’s be honest.

Maybe because of this personality trait I find it even more annoying when people are LOUD. It’s a short work week but I already have three nerve tingling situations of being around loud talkers that have made me just a little extra annoyed.

1. The new girl at my office. Our office is a standard cubicle configuration and we have 4.5′ tall cube seperators. Mind you we sit in large pods patched up together so it is not like these seperator walls are soundproof. There are no doors or any other structural barriers that block sound. So when you make a phone call professionally or personally everyone can hear you. My rule of thumb is to have as few phone calls at my desk as possible. However, when I do receive a personal call or need to make one I make sure to go to a conference room, or the lobby or anything besides sitting at my desk for the whole world to hear. So when the newbie on day 1 got into a yelling match with customer support for her credit card/bank/whatever and was ranting about how the information she provided is sufficient, how she thinks the customer service agent has no professionalism, how she needs to speak to a supervisor/your boss/anyone with authority and her tone continues to get harsher and her volume higher I pretty much have decided to avoid her. I know I shouldn’t make snap judgements about people on day 1; but seriously loud talker that was inappropriate and if that’s how you deal with not getting your way than I SO look forward to working with you. That’s sarcasm people.

2. At dinner on Sushi Wednesday there were other patrons at my favorite small, always overpacked restaurant and the table of ladies who were talking about child birth directly behind me at a loud volume was not exactly the sort of thing I want to know about, much less when I am at an establishment that is centered around food consumption. Frankly, shouldn’t you just know better from a basic ettiquete perspective than to talk about your child birthing experiences in a public forum? I’m not your doctor, or your friend and I do not want to know about the consequences you’ve been dealing from your 12 hour labor.

3. There is a little diner close by my office that I sometimes sneak away to for some quiet reading time and today it was to review schedules without the constant interuption of another frantic co-workers panic attack. But of course on the one day I need some quiet I am seated next to two friends who talked for 45 minutes about teeth whitening, dentist payment plans for the aforementioned whitening and how the whitening process will affect their handful of capped teeth. How you can find 45 minutes of content about this I have no idea. But it’s not like you are telling a funny story so keep the volume down, also, I don’t give a crap about your vanity procedure but if anyone has questions about the whitening process let me know and I can fill you in.


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