Sweet Hotly Anticipated Mayor Status

7 Jun

I will admit I found Foursquare initially a bit creepy. You can check in at various locations and then broadcast that not only to your network on Foursquare but also to Twitter and Facebook. So essentially you can stalk and be stalked in a fun interactive tool where you earn fun badges, promotional deals at various establishments and the ability to be the Mayor of your most frequented locations.

I’ve been wanting to be the mayor of my local library, the main branch downtown right by my office. I know that is totally nerdy. I get that. Even though I am the Mayor of my apartment complex, favorite lunch time spot, favorite sushi restaurant, my work, and even my favorite spot in all of the city I really wanted this library title.

I didn’t earn a cool badge like I have with other establishments. I didn’t get any special recognition yet I feel like I really accomplished something. I didn’t, I mean I just happened to go there and now have been there and checked in more times than some other person but I’m feeling good.

It’s the little (nerd) things in life that can turn one crappy Monday around…well they can be a slight bright spot I suppose. 🙂


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