One Fear Conquered: Massages

8 Jun

I get that as a young female (and yes, 26 is your mid-twenties and therefore young) it might be considered strange that I had never had a massage. Being that it seems like one of those indulgent things people like me would be into it was literally never something that interested me.

If you think about it really it’s pretty creepy. You get undressed and a stranger rubs you down for an extended period of time. The rub oils into you, cover you in warm towels, and essentially when they work on your muscles get to become up close and personal with all your flabby parts. When you look at it that way and realize people pay good money for that it seems a bit wacky.

Being that I not only have issues with strangers (stranger danger is real) and issues with personal space a massage table seems like one of the last places on Earth I would be found. But yesterday that all changed.

Almost a year ago I completed a triathlon and two of my amazing friends gave me a gift certificate for an hour-long massage at a fantastic spa, Dosha which is fantastic and exclusively uses Aveda products which people are obsessed with – I’ve always thought Aveda products were a little too hippie smelling for me (all those oils and hippie scents) and for who knows what reason I never booked my massage.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning the mountains of mail on my counter and came across the envelope and booked the appointment immediately. My job has been stressing me out and I figured I would use this as a little reward to myself. So I booked the massage and went in last night.

The girl who worked on me was maybe 105 lbs. but holy crap did she have some strong hands. There were times where the pressure she was applying almost brought me to tears. Digging her elbows into knots in my back wouldn’t normally be something I would be into but there were brief moments of relief.

I’ll admit there were times where I wondered what horribly unflattering angles I was basically paying for her to view me in and I did get a little self conscious that perhaps she was judging various places on my body as she kneaded away any feeling in my nerves or muscles. The thing that really I was most creeped out about was all the oils that as she massaged my neck and shoulders were getting rubbed into my hair. Because let me tell you (now from first hand knowledge) that oil will remain in your hair after an experience in a scalding hot steam room and after 2 showers and counting…

Post massage I did partake in the steam room until literally I was sliding around like a drunk college girl in my sandals and watching oil and sweat rolling off my body. Followed up by a hot shower and more Aveda/hippie smelling products and I officially smell like I’ve been camping out at a well ventilated music festival.

So for what I was concerned about being a super creepy experience it was pretty enjoyable. I was less creeped out by the stranger rubbing me down and actually more alarmed at being told how much water to drink because “I moved quite a bit of fluids in your body around so you’ll want to cleanse out all the toxins”….I’m not sure if she is referencing some of the drinking I’ve done over the past few weeks or not but I’m drinking water like a fiend.


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