The Big Move

22 Oct

About 4 months ago I decided I wanted to make a change. I wasn’t happy at my job. I liked my apartment but wasn’t loving it to the point where I knew I didn’t want to sign another year long lease. The only thing really keeping me in Portland was being in the same city as my parents and a lot of my friends and the safety that comes with living somewhere you feel comfortable.

So I started wondering where else would I want to live. The short list was limited to San Francisco and Boston. Austin was a consideration but I figured I should visit Austin before making the leap to think about moving there. Over the past couple months I was applying to jobs, doing phone and Skype interviews – hello awkward/smart use of technology – and then flying down to SF for an interview.

Then after lots of over-analyzing and a minimal amount of low level stalking to a recruiter I was offered a fantastic job at an exciting advertising agency in SF. I received the offer call and letter on a Thursday night, accepted Friday AM and quit my job all within 16 hours.

So here I am, on my last day working in Portland. I’ve spent every night this week getting together with friends for going away drinks, dinner, pitchers of beer over another killer Duck win, and the festivities will continue through the next 5 days until I depart.

I plan on ramping back up on the blog to keep everyone posted on my life in SF. But cheers to the land of cable cars, fresh seafood from the wharf, Japantown, Alcatraz, Ghiradelli Square, In n Out Burger and the scene of the next adventure!


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