Hey-yo from the Bay…o?

28 Oct

That’s right my friends – today is my first official full day as a San Francisco resident. It’s finally here and I’ll be honest, while unpacking the kitchen goods this AM with my roomie/bestie Blondie and now this afternoon settling into one of my geek hobbies of closet organization nerdery things don’t feel too strange. However, this calm acceptance of this life change hasn’t been a steady feeling over the past few days. Which brings me to how I got here….

Last Friday 10/22: My last day at my job – uneventful. There was an awkward all company meeting the day prior which included an awkward.com toast by the President regarding my departure. For the most part, I traveled the internets, packed up my desk, had a couple meetings and then headed to the bar post work for some goodbye drinks/shots (yes, I took shots of tequila and Jaeger all before 7:30pm). The night prior I had met my worldly friend Don Pollo for beers/HH/post Ducks game drinks/dinner and wasn’t home until 1:30am so the early evening boozing fit the same mold really.

Saturday 10/23: Errand running with my family, 30th birthday party with college friends – the Barndance theme was well represented – and my going away party. My going away party was exactly what I hoped it would be – low key, people coming and going and by far one of the funniest night with core group of hysterical people. I wouldn’t of changed a thing. Well maybe Drewski referring to himself in third person as “Daddy”….nah, it was too funny.

Sunday 10/24: A last minute Sunday Funday was thrown together and I got to spend most of the day with The Sox Fan fresh from his prior day arrival back from England. His name might be getting changed on the blog to Harry Potter….hard to say.

Monday 10/25: Trekked up to Hood River for a day with my mother and grandmother. We went to stock up on some apples and pears (heart fall in the Valley) and then had some lunch and a good chat in the afternoon. Post HR adventure I met up with some of my college pledge class from the sorority and we had HH and caught up on life, it’s always a good time to get together and laugh and have some cocktails on a Monday.

Tuesday 10/26: I took care of some final packing details, met with my financial advisor (you know, chatted about my goals and plans for retirement…totally weird to even think about), had one last Portland resident huge sushi meal in Sellwood with my parents and then met up with The Sox Fan/Harry Potter and Don Pollo. What was discussed as grabbing a final drink turned into a drink, skeeball, burning through $40 of Groupon boozing, nachos/beers and ended in late night oyster shooters/mac and cheese under a bridge. It was another epic Portland night for the books and I did walk away with some new running kicks (thanks Don Pollo) and a spooooky Halloween decoration (thanks East Burn).

Wednesday 10/27: Movers arrive. Load out the 10×10 storage unit in under 40 minutes (I mean, seriously….SO fast), more errand running, a lounge on the couch with my favorite doggy and an airplane ride to SF. Fun fact: last meal in Portland: Elephant’s Deli Mac and Cheese with chocolate milk. Can you tell I was feeling a little sad panda about leaving?

Today – Thursday 10/28: Movers arrive, unload in a little over an hour and 15 minutes and the unpacking has begun. I had lunch in a restaurant a couple blocks away, located a post office so I can start mailing out all the fun items I purchased because I love sending mail to people and here we are…

Hardest part of the move truly was saying goodbye to The Sox Fan. I hadn’t really been upset, cried or even had any sad feelings regarding the move until I was standing on the sidewalk Tuesday night. Even now, a few days later it still leaves me blue but luckily SF is only a 1.5 hour plane ride away.

Neighborhood fun facts to come in another addition.


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