1.5 Weeks In – The Overview.

6 Nov

There’s been quite a few developments over the last 10 or so days since I moved to SF and many of them deserve their own dedicated blogs. There’s just no getting around that. So in lieu of one monster I’m going to go for it and do a multi post session. This way you can either read about one topic or all topics but you won’t be forced to be drowned into one epic posting.

Specific Topics to be covered:

1. Work
2. Settling into my new apartment/neighborhood
3. Public Transportation

As a sidebar, yes I am having a lazy weekend. Yes, I am blogging on a Saturday night while my upstairs neighbors have a LOUD discussion on whether or not they should wear X,Y,Z and whether or not the dude one of them is dating is “worth it”. Yes, I do love iChatting as I have done so many times today with my Mother.

Have a topic you want covered? Leave a comment. Also, have suggestions on things/places/sites/restaurants in SF you want to send me and know that I will blog about? Leave those comments too!


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