Officially not crazy.

6 Nov

If you’ve ever felt like life is getting the best of you and you are losing it, go ride a bus.

There are ALL sorts of crazy on public transportation. I watched a shirtless man in a windbreaker try to hit on a frumpy middle-aged office worker. I’ve seen two young thugs get into a fake fight to see what people’s reactions would be. I’ve seen an older Chinese woman leaving Chinatown with a paper bag with holes punched into it stored inside of a plastic bag that contained what I am pretty sure were LIVE frogs (based on the jumping/movement coming from the bag).

Those are just the highlights. I don’t mind the bus or MUNI trains. I find it somewhat entertaining to people watch and the only time it really bothers me is during super crazy times (which have happened a few times) where people get way inside my personal space and when I am cramped/a.k.a. people step on me, pretend I’m not standing there or try to walk literally on me.

Please believe I’ll be keeping the blog updated with more “best of” for my commuting. For now, just know this: if you think you are having a bad day, if you need some cheap entertainment or if you want to feel less crazy take a little cruise on some public transportation and realize it’s not a big deal.


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