Work Newbie.

6 Nov

I survived my first week at my new agency and I’m a fan. Literally, on Facebook. But also in real life.

I’m working in a nerdy role as basically a professional organizer and pusher of checking items off lists. I’m working on a telecommunications client with a massive team of peers, creatives, producers, etc.

I have yet to be assigned a desk so I spent most of the week camped out with my boss literally sharing a desk. But she is literally awesome. She’s smart, motivated, respected and I’m really looking forward to working with her as a mentor and also I’m just grateful for having a really cool boss. It’s been a while since I’ve had either in my life.

Most nerve racking part of the week, getting my headshot taken for the agency website, internal directory, basically it will be the one thing everyone/anyone sees on a regular basis at this monster agency. No pressure. The upside is that I get to pick my top two shots and after a first round of review yesterday I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make a final decision Monday.

Also, additional perk. 1/2 days on the first Friday of almost every month. Hell. Yes. Luckily things with my new project and the transition of a current project to me are in a state that I was able to take advantage. 4.5 days in my first work week..I’ll take it.

I also am obsessed with all the dogs that roam the office. Everything just feels like a breath of fresh air after my last work experience. I’m excited to go to work, ready to put in the time and every time I see one of the TV spots I just can’t believe it.


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