Game On SF.

16 Nov

There has been a lull for sure in my blogging, 10 days, but don’t think that I haven’t thought about blogging most days. I need to be better about actually jotting down my blog thoughts – most of the time some wacko thing happens and I say to myself “Oh, I am TOTALLY going to blog about that” and then life interferes and it’s lost in my mind ether only to become no where to be seen once I have some time and am in front of a computer.

So instead you get the boring life update today.

Things in SF have been going really well. Work has taken off pretty rapidly. I’m currently leading an existing project, as of today, that was transitioned to me from a colleague who is switching clients within the agency and I have two new projects I kicked off and am leading from the start. I’m still office homeless, which means I haven’t been assigned a desk. It’s not too bad, mostly I jump around to people’s desks who are on vacation or out of the office and for the first two weeks mostly I sat in my boss’ office which isn’t as horrible as you would think, she’s actually awesome.

Beyond work life is good too. It’s an adjustment not having a Fall season here in the Bay but it was nice to have gorgeous weather all weekend when The Sox Fan was in town. I’m talking 70’s every day. In mid-November. Amazing. We had a great time sightseeing, going to see the Ducks play Cal and just generally running around SF showing my first time tourist and first official SF visitor all the Bay has to offer.

Here’s my favorite picture of the weekend:

Golden Gate from SF


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