Only in SF.

16 Nov

I’m introducing a new feature to the blog about the daily occurrences that remind me that I do live in a pretty random city and “Only in SF” will x-y-z happen. Enjoy!

  • Only in SF will a street kid ask a random middle aged dude if he has any pot and when the dude does, the street kid will then ask “can I have some? or can you smoke me out?” – mind you this is on a 6:30pm crowded bus out of downtown.
  • Only in SF can an Asian halfie get away with pretending to not speak English and have it passed off as believable. That’s right, my white friend will be taking all your requested photos today tourists.
  • Only in SF will you see tiny elderly people hauling their body weight in strange foods/live animals on rush hour transit. (Well at least Only in the USA, I’ve seen some strange things in Asia….)

That’s installment one, based mostly off events from the last 72 hours. Stay tuned for additional segments to come!


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