2011 – Off to a Bangin’ Start.

3 Jan

I’ll be the first to admit I am inconsistent with my blogging. It’s shocking that many other aspects of my life do not spill into this inconsistency. For example, I decided a year ago I was going to start taking vitamins every day – the invention of adult gummy vitamins I will admit paved the way but still a vitamin is a vitamin people. Guess what? I took vitamins every day for a year and I continue to do so. I’m just structured like that about somethings.

In an effort to be more consistent with my blogging and to try to use this blog in some ways to keep in touch with my friends in various places in the world – yes, I have a couple international friends – because I’m fancy like that – I plan to blog at least every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Days that start in T or S will be reserved for other adventures and regimented goals (joking…kind of).

I won’t get into my full list of goals for 2011 (mostly because I haven’t finalized them all yet) but also it gives me an automatic blog post if need be in the coming weeks!

For today let me share with you some of the side effects of making a fairly significant change in my hairstyle. The background is this: I’m pretty laxidasical about my hair.I say that because I lost it all once so and it came back so you can’t be too traumatized after that experience. Also because my hair grows fast. Almost creepy fast to be honest.

Anywho, right before the New Year I had my stylist cut my hair – I usually go in and see what she thinks I should do and then let her go nuts. She loves it and she’s never given me a bad cut so it’s a great system. This go round we added longer fringe style bangs ala Reese Witherspoon.

Reese Witherspoon is Bangin'.

I knew it was a bolder move that my previous cut and most people have had enthusiastic, complimentary responses to this look. Except The Sox Fan who said nothing after seeing me the day before without bangs and when I brought up my new haircut his response was “Yeah, I see you’re doing the bangs thing again.”

Today was my first day back at work and co-workers loved the new look. But nothing compares to the Korean women at the deli down the hill from my office. They immediately noted my new look by doing the fingers scissors things to their own foreheads. Then one of them told me I look a lot younger and finally it all culminated with this same woman asking me if my hair color was darkened (nope, same natural brown and nope, I’m sure it wasn’t lighter before the bangs) followed by asking me if I had my hair “straightened like a reverse perm” (nope, this is what you get lady ) and finally reaching across the counter and hands mere millimeters from my face asking if she can touch my hair.

Oddly enough I allowed it and then I received more compliments on how soft my hair is. All that for a damn sandwich I still had to pay for.

My favorite comment regarding my hair was a co-worker who told me “Wow, you look great. You’re actually really pretty with this new haircut.” He immediately tried to back peddle out of making me feel like I was ugly before so it was just an awkward exchange by the end. Classic.


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