Adventures into Milk Alternatives.

5 Jan

I’ve always been a purist when it comes to milk. I grew up on skim only not knowing there were other versions of milk even available. Now my personal preference for cereal is 1% but I still stick to skim when it comes to coffee.

The concept of “milk” from soy or almonds or rice has always seemed bizarre. I mean honestly, how does one milk a rice?!? But as I have gotten older, really only in the last few months I have noticed certain food groups are doing a number on my stomach. In recent months I’ve come to know what heartburn is (I think) and the pains of digesting gluten, dairy and what I thought at one time was an allergic reaction to beer – which was terrifying.

So today, in an effort to test my curiosity I ventured into the land of Soy Milk in my vanilla latte. That’s right, I now have one of those uber intense coffee orders: tall, sugar free vanilla, soy milk latte. Oof…I kind of dislike myself for being that complicated.

First, there is totally a taste difference – soy milk almost makes the vanilla latte a little malty which I am into. Now only time will tell as to whether or not I can tell a difference in my body processing a dairy alternative. I feel like such a hippie.


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