Clean Sheets and Turkey Meatloaf.

17 Jan

Yes, these uber cool things are what I did on my paid holiday/3rd day of the weekend. I did some cleaning of my room (much needed) and I did a long overdue batch of sheets laundry. Is it strange that I am pretty excited to curl up into my fresh sheets tonight? If only I could get someone to come in and re-cover my duvet…sigh…

I also took my domestic nature to a whole new level with making my mother’s infamous turkey meatloaf. Growing up my mom would make this every once and a while and I was always a fan. My dad – not so much. In fact until college I didn’t realize that traditional meatloaf if made with beef…say what?!?! Or that it has ketchup in it? For real?!?!

My version while super lean and pretty damn tasty (but I might be bias) apparently is not liked by all (my Dad) and some might refer to it as hippie meatloaf.

These are just two of the things that make domestic weekends in the best way to gear up for the work week ahead.


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