Public Transportation: The Strangest Day Yet.

17 Jan

*Friday I had every intention of blogging. I even started this post and I also had every intention of finishing it from home that evening while wearing sweatpants as part of a reading/laundry break. But then work didn’t quite go as planned (longest 4 day work week ever) and a co-worker from my days in live events came into town and well, catching up over a beer sounded like a great way to end the week. But then it was 8 beers, with zero food – well unless you count the popcorn I scarfed down in my office at 6pm…which I don’t. But it was totally worth it. So without further ado – Friday’s missing blog post.

I had the strangest day to date on public transportation. Okay, before you get all judgey and say every day has to be strange on a large cities bus system (I don’t disagree) let me just put it out there that I kind of like using public transit. In the beginning it was kind of a hassle having my personal space invaded but now, it gives me a new way to explore the city and just gaze out the window without the white knuckle grip on the steering wheel driving a car in SF can be. I like the people watching. I like making up stories about people’s lives in my mind. I almost find it kind of therapeutic at times.

On my way into work my bus from my house is pretty much filled with young to middle aged professionals in a range of attire from suits to business casual. Occasionally there is a random vagrant or homeless person but in the AM commute it’s not usually the norm. So much to my surprise when a homeless dude hops on a couple stops down from mine in the Haight – but he has a dog. A scrappy, wirey haired little mutt in a green army vest, on an old leash (not a rope) and they sit behind me. Not the most welcome smell to have in the AM, these two, but what can you do. It’s $2 to ride the bus and I don’t really care. But what I do care about is when you let your dog then just roam the jam packed bus.

First off, no animals but service dogs are supposed to be on the bus. So that’s just kind of annoying. Further more, seriously…are you not concerned about your animal getting stepped on while people jam onto the bus like it’s the only option in all the city? I personally like dogs but what if someone has an allergy…I mean you are homeless dude, but I’d like to think you have some common sense.

Whatever. The dude is letting his dog roam free. Annoying but what can you do. THEN at 8:35am I hear the unique crack of the top of an aluminum can open up. No…it couldn’t be what my jaded, stereotypical mind thinks it is…OH yes, it is. That’s a tall boy of Old E malt liqour the homeless gentleman has decided to delight the other passengers with. Great.

BUT wait, he doesn’t just slam down that 1 tall boy. He cracks open a second. I mean really. Can my stop get here any quicker? He at this point starts getting a little too close for comfort to some of the other riders while in search of his dog. Perhaps sir, you should of just kept your hand on the damn leash.

After a number of attempts to (slur) call our his dogs name the man decides he has reached his destination. He exits the bus and then just yells back on to it for his dog. Then he stands in the doors so they can’t close. After a couple minutes of this the bus natives are getting restless. Finally the little dog hops off. Thanks so much sir for your lingering smell of booze and your screaming for your dog. That’s exactly what I needed to start my day of right.


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