A 3′ Chicken…

19 Jan

Tomorrow starts the (exile) move for the Account, Strategy and Operations teams on my client at The Agency. We are all going to be sitting on the same floor (a first), with a dominantly open floor plan (another first) on a floor that is only our client (yet another first) and with the exception of less than 10 people the other 40 or so of us will be seated in rows of cubes clustered together. Whew.

So what better way to break the ice than to bring in a recent gift of mine from Blondie. A 3′ stuffed chicken. That’s right, very large a Foster Farms Foster Imposter. The passenger to be specific.

Here he is in all his glory.

I’ll plan to update this post with the comments I receive…should be some good ones!

*The ironic hipster glasses were just for this photo, he won’t be sporting those in his new home/desk. I’m not that dorky!


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