HK. Learn about it.

24 Jan

Ok, so I get that it’s totally cliche for an Asian person to like Hello Kitty. But I’m a halfie, which I think walks that fine line of being cliche but in an ironic cute way not in a hey-I-throw-up-the-peace-sign-in-every-photo-while-rocking-pigtails-a-tiny-backpack-and-a-catholic-school-girl-skirt-and-was-an-extra-in-a-Gwen-Stefani-video sort of thing. (For the record, it’s really hard to type every other word using a hyphen, but I just really didn’t think anyone would have the patience to try and read through that as one Godzirra monster of a word. And yes, I did that Asian accent thing where I replace L’s with R’s.)

Anywho, when I was a kid I had a couple Hello Kitty (HK) items including a wallet with coin purse pouch I loved. I was a product of the 80’s and HK was big with all the girls.

I was out of the HK scene until I gradually brought myself back in and slowly but surely what started as kind of a joke and a pretty awesome HK line of makeup with MAC Cosmetics has become a small, yet impressive collection of random HK findings…and perhaps more than a few trips to various Sanrio stores…in a couple cities.

My favorites are when HK is dressed as a panda, a geisha or some other Asian on Asian crime. Although, for the record she was invented by a British woman. Blow your mind people…I know.

Today I went to Sanrio and picked up a gem of an item. A compact mirror in the shape of HK’s face…but wait, not only does it have a mirror but it also contains a tiny comb for my new bangs. BONUS! Plus, it was $6 and that’s a pretty damn good deal.

The following was my favorite text exchange in a long time:

JDub: Totally the new owner of an HK compact. So Asian right now.

The Sox Fan: Lord.

JDub: It’s in the shape of her head. It has a tiny comb for my bangs.

The Sox Fan: I’m literally at a loss for words.


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