So…what’s new?

14 Mar

I don’t really have a good way of updating this blog with a short list of significant events or funny stories to encompass the past few weeks. So let’s just go with this laundry list in a more digestible format:

  • I’ve made new friends
  • I’ve strengthened some existing SF friendships
  • I’ve worked like crazy
  • I’ve had old friends come visit
  • I’ve seen my first piece of work that I started from the very beginning appear in print
  • I’ve had projects I’ve poured myself into die
  • I’ve reignited some old friendships that were on the back burner
  • I’ve done a poor job of keeping in touch with some of my PDX girlfriends
  • I’ve continued to be in awe at times that I actually live in SF – that I left my comfort zone and moved to CA
  • I’ve obtained my CA Drivers License
  • I’ve started back up my reading intensity – and am getting my new library card today
  • I’ve been putting myself first and sticking up for myself
  • I’ve become addicted to baked chicken
  • I’ve witnessed some of the best dancing/figure skating lifts and have been involved in some epic dance parties in the middle of crowded bars

SF continues to amaze me and make me thankful that I’ve made the move. Work is significantly quieter this week (so far) than it’s been in weeks so I’ll plan to blog when I can. Honestly, I’ll probably blog tonight when watching The Bachelor finale.


One Response to “So…what’s new?”

  1. rach March 19, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

    thanks for coming back! love the updates..keep them coming!

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