Cancerversary #12

18 May

I think much of life is about perspective. It’s how you position things and how you decide to act when good news or bad news is delivered. 12 years ago today I faced a seemingly larger than life hurdle. Cancer. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to be specific. Cancer at any age is daunting, at age 15 I struck the balance of being young enough to just do as I was told – start chemo, go to treatment, just step through the paces – but I was also old enough to know the ramifications that accompany a cancer diagnosis.

My cancer experience has always been something I have freely talked about. At times I’m sure I’ve shocked people with my very casual way of approaching the subject. While yes, I am more than happy to discuss my experience and have always welcomed a dialogue regarding cancer I think it’s important to clarify that I do not take being a cancer survivor lightly. Cancer is horrible. It’s something I would never wish on anyone, much less their families, their friends, their support systems. I’ve always made it a point to be an advocate for cancer research programs/organizations and I’ve made cancerversary a common hybrid word in many people’s vocabularies…because let’s be honest, it’s a pretty cool word. 🙂

This year, cancerversary #12, I encourage you to make a donation – be it monetary or of your time – to an organization that supports cancer research or patients and their care takers. While I hope constantly for a cure to cancer I understand that in the interim there will be cancer patients, there will be cancer survivors and unfortunately their will be cancer fatalities. American Cancer Society, Leukemia Lymphoma Society and LiveSTRONG are all amazing organizations that do tremendous work fighting cancer and I know they would be appreciative of any support you can provide.

Cheers to working towards a day when cancer is no longer a reality.


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