SF Commuting: Fish in Bags

4 Aug

Yes, that headline pretty much says it all. Being a daily commuter and public transport patron I tend to see and in this case unfortunately, smell some strange things.

It’s mid-day on Tuesday and I was feeling a little under the weather so I was headed home to WFH (work from home). I’m minding my own business when I smell something a bit off in the underground MUNI station waiting for the N train. It sometimes can be a bit unique but very rarely is the underground station actually smelly.

The thing was it was a very unique and assaulting smell. One of over ripe fish. Yuck. Here I am thinking maybe it’s just a full trashcan or perhaps just a waft of a smelly individual and that if I move further down the platform it will dissipate. Not so much.

There, a handful of people away, is a woman with her arms loaded of red plastic flimsy plastic bags – the kind you get at dollar stores or in this case Chinatown markets. Inside one aforementioned bag I see is a fish. A full, non-fileted, head/scales and all fish. Mind you, this fish isn’t wrapped in butcher paper or even for that matter another cheap plastic bag. He (or she) is just slunk down in a half moon bend inside an open plastic bag.

For the love of all things sanitary why is this fish just out loose?!?! I’m pretty sure he/she was dead (due to the lack of movement and ultimately the lack of available H2O but all I could wonder is how this exposure keeping that fish from hitting the food poison danger zone?

Thankfully the fish purchaser and I were not on the same train – the thought of that fish smell trapped in a train car for even a few stops is just too much for me to handle.


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