Remarkable Squirrel

8 Aug

While running outer loops at Kezar Stadium last week I saw what I think was proof that squirrels, despite their small demeanor, might be outpacing other rodents in genius behavior tendencies.

There are those old steel drum lid-less garbage cans around the stadium and while running I looked over to see this squirrel pull-up style lifting himself (or herself – who knows) up with a plastic ziploc bag containing what was a half-eaten hot dog in a bun.

My first instinct was – that sucks, he’s never going to get that tasty garbage treat out – or he’ll eat plastic, go into some toxic plastic non-digestible shock and die. Then, a magical thing happened. Mr. Squirrel jumped from the rim of the can – bag in his teeth – to the ground. Looked anxiously around for possible pirate thieves in his midst – and OPENED the bag with his tiny claw-like hands to free his treat.

I kid you not. He unzipped that ziploc bag with his hands, stuck his head and upper body in to drag the treat out with his mouth – then snatched up his hot dog treat by hugging it to his body and only partially dragging it he bolted for the base of tree safety.

It was remarkable. Kudos to you little buddy.



2 Responses to “Remarkable Squirrel”

  1. Dan Weinsoft (@OriginalDanimal) August 8, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    You lead an interesting existence, JW.

  2. JDub August 8, 2011 at 9:05 pm #

    What can I say, I attract other like-minded individuals into my little life of strange.

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