17 Aug

I guess I need to give the title more context. My agency has a few buildings in SF. Two of which that are across the street from one another and well, sometimes (read: all the time) we jaywalk across a cable car hill to get from point A to point B.

There’s a loading zone out front of the main building which is also home to the a divey Chinese restaurant/bar. While waiting for traffic to clear some gross dude in a silver Dodge Magnum wagon blasting “Whomp There It Is” pulls up along side me and honks. Ew.

Then he proceeds to struggle to parallel park his car. I back up onto the sidewalk and talk with a co-worker of mine. When the dude finally gets his car parked (in a loading zone) I go back out off the curb to wait out traffic and he comes over behind me, touches my arm (NOT COOL) and in his white adidas track jacket with black stripes and black adidas track pants with white stripes with ugly gold chain/medallion and haze  of overbearing cologne says “I only did that honking thing to make you move because if you’re a fan of Boston then shame on you”. *For context I am wearing a Red Sox vintage tee today.

My response was to immediately give him a disturbed look at the place in which his hand made contact with my arm and to say “Ok, go away”.

He then retorted with “Oh…wow…” like I was the one who was a STRANGER and came over to insult and touch him as he then slow jogged into the aforementioned divey Chinese restaurant/bar. Right. My bad.

My co-worker was simultaneously horrified and hysterical with laughter.

Shit like this only happens to me.


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