Moving Forward – 2012.

5 Jan

Like many people I’ve been thinking a lot about what 2011 was for me and of course, what I want 2012 to be.

2011 was such a roller coaster even after the past few weeks I still can’t decide if it goes down in the record books as a good year or a bad year. It was my first full year, all 4 seasons, in San Francisco. I’ve loved this city. I’ve made amazing friends, had a great job, explored many neighborhoods and settled into my new apartment. I’ve had friends and family visit. I’ve created some amazing memories and started some new traditions. But on the flip side I lost my hero – my Grandmother Yuki, I’ve had some less than pleasant and disappointing family interactions, I’ve felt let down by some people I considered close friends and at times I’ve struggled to figure out what I really want both professionally and personally.

The good news is that it’s a wrap on 2011. There’s something about a new year that just feels like you can wipe the slate clean and start fresh. So, with by far the longest list of goals I’ve ever set for myself 2012 is off to a raging start.

In true organized nerd fashion I’ve got a couple systems in place to keep me reminded and honest about my goals but here’s some highlights (yes, this is just a sampler) of what will affectionately be referred to moving forward as “The List”:

  • Set my PR in a half marathon
  • Get back into swim workouts – perhaps some triathlons for 2013?
  • Read 36 books – I completed my goal of 30 last year so it’s time to up the stakes
  • Blog more – at least once a week
  • Cook 24 new recipes this year
  • Complete 1 new craft/DIY project a month (can you tell I’ve been into Pinterest)
  • Set schedules – monthly, weekly, etc so I can factor in workouts, cleaning and of course all these goals

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