Lessons from the Gym.

20 Jan

6 weeks ago from today, 12/9/11 to be specific, I sustained a foot injury. I’d like to say it was a really cool story but mostly it was a co-worker at the agency holiday party got too drunk and slammed her stiletto heel through the top part of my peep toe shoe to then pierce basically the joint between toes 2 and 3 of my left foot. Yes, ouch.

After some serious profanity, more cocktails, a doctor visit and set of x-rays it was determined that there was no break, there was no trace of a fracture BUT there was significant muscle bruising that would require a 6 week break from running and NO heels. Which for a 5′ 3″ girl who has been known to rock some serious heels and have them make up the majority of her closet this was a harsh reality to be living in.

I’m happy to report I’ve made it through those six weeks with fairly little incident. I expanded my collection of flats to include a basic black Vera Wang Lavender option as well as a studded camel suede option from J.Crew. BUT, even with the “need” to buy new shoes it was still sad to welcome in 2012 at a fabulous party in flats.

SO, in lieu of my outdoor running I started swimming again to keep my body used to endurance training and with swimming comes new adventures in the gym. And when I say new adventures, I mean awkward moments and off beat behavior such as:

  • People who are constantly heavy sighing and moaning in the showers/steam room/locker room – um, hello, it’s awkward to listen to your sighing/moaning for no apparent reason
  • People who talk to themselves while working out. Not like quiet dialogue, I’m talking counting off reps and laps like they are reporting their progress in their swim workout to a non-existent coach on the side of the pool. Please also note, in a pool there is a LOT of echo so it’s extra loud.
  • Strangers who get REAL close and REAL nude when you’re getting ready. Personal space is just polite people – especially when there is a severe lack of clothing involved.

Tomorrow marks my first run since the foot incident and while I am looking forward to it in that I can get back out there and start 1/2 marathon training again as well as have a break from some of the gym people I’m also terrified. 6 weeks is a LONG break from running so it’s going to be a major reality check when I’m wheezing around mile 1…woof.


2 Responses to “Lessons from the Gym.”

  1. Berchie January 20, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    I am glad for your sanity Jules that you get to start running again. No more gym crazies! Hope your foot is feeling better!

    • JDub January 23, 2012 at 11:31 am #

      Thanks Berchie! Saturday’s run was actually pretty good, until the last 3 minutes of 30. Then insert wheezing sound effects. 🙂

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