A place where everybody knows your name.

3 Mar

I was never much of a coffee shop loyalist when I lived in Portland. For all the time I spent working in various areas of the city and all the coffee breaks a drizzly town can require – remember that coffee breaks are also the thin veil of disguise most office workers use for venting/gossip sessions – I never had a go to locations or a regular order. Part of it I am sure was my lack of regularity. Another part might of been just the sheer volume of turn over but I was always just another face in the masses.

Then I moved to SF. My commute from bus stop to office had a direct Starbucks stop. Given that I ordered the same drink around the same time each morning it finally happened. The baristas memorized my order, then learned my name and now the introduce me to the new employees that start working there like we’re all old friends meeting for a group dinner.

The best part is that after I moved I no longer walked directly by this Starbucks each morning. My regular routine became sporadic. When I started going again we just all jumped in like no time had passed. They asked me where I had been – as they usually did when I would be missing due to vacations – and they asked if I had been cheating on them at other Starbucks.

While I still find it a little strange that for some reason these baristas memorized my order, my name and my face I have to say getting their compliments when I pull a hot outfit look, or have a great hair day – or for that matter trim up my bangs – really does make me happy.

Plus, I love that I had to move to a massive city to get the sort of friendly treatment one would expect from a small town joint.


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