New Gear

26 Mar

I hit a bit of a lull in my swim, run, yoga workout fest late last month. I had two back to back weekends in Tahoe (I won’t complain about that because Tahoe is amazing and the trips were fantastic) but running at altitude after living at sea level is not a pretty feeling for your lungs and anytime you spend a weekend traveling out of town it takes a couple days to recover before you’re bounding out of bed at 6am to workout.

After that minor set back I then jumped back in perhaps a bit too ambitious – aka I didn’t account for any time off and went a bit overboard. So after giving myself some run recovery time and ramping up my swim workouts I’m back – and what says back in action like NEW GEAR!

I realized after 3 years, open water swims and a triathlon or two I shouldn’t of been shocked to see the indentation on my goggles leaking in water. Plus, when you’re spending 4-5 hours in a pool a week it gets annoying having a little mini pool in your right goggle. NEW GOGGLE TIME!

Also, nothing says no excuses like new running shoes. If you’re serious into running and haven’t ever tried Brooks you are missing out. These bad boys are my gold standard for comfort, long mileage and durability. AMAZING – NEW SHOES!



Brooks – Glycerin 9.


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