Hiatus like WHOA.

7 May

So it turns out I really botched that whole blogging once a week 2012 goal. In fact it’s been just a couple weeks short of a YEAR since I blogged. Which basically means I’m the only person who remembers this blog exists.

BUT I’m no quitter. So here we are. I missed my 5 year Blogiversary – and given my lack of keeping up with this it’s no major cause for celebration.

I will get better about blogging and sharing posts of what I’ve been up to, what things I find in the world I want to share and using this little space on the interwebs to keep myself honest about what I want to achieve.

In the spirit of looking forward (don’t worry friends, there’s plenty of time for rehashing the missing year of activities on this bad boy) I want to share three things I am excited for in the next week:

1. The Great Gatsby. The soundtrack is outstanding, the previews look breathtaking and it’s a great book so I can only hope the movie will achieve the same special place of lovely in my heart.

2. My first trip to Half Moon Bay for my friend Maggie’s wedding! Can’t wait to see a new gorgeous part of California and celebrate with friends.

3. Getting back into running. Yes, I just completed the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on DC on 4/28/13 but it actually inspired me to want to be a better runner – which means training and discipline and for the first time in a long time I want that.

Quick, simple and with the post-it note I left on my desk here at work reminding me to BLOG hopefully the first of many as I re-vamp this site a little…after all, it’s been 5 years.


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