Headaches and Hypochondria

14 May

I went running Friday AM. I didn’t get as much sleep as I would of liked but I went running anyway. Got home, stretched, showered and headed out to work all the while making sure to drink lots of water to rehydrate since you already wake up in the morning dehydrated from 8 hours of zero water intake.

Get to work. Headache starts. I chalk this up to dehydration from my run. Drink more water. Day lingers on. Headache continues. At this point I assume it’s part lingering dehydration and part lack of sleep. I take Advil. Yes, the hippie drug-free lifestyle was reduced to taking the drugs.

Get in the car with friends and head to Half Moon Bay for a wedding weekend. No time for naps. Keep drinking water. Go to the welcome party. Headache continues. Go to post-party dinner. Finally, get to the hotel go to bed.

Sleep poorly. Wake up Saturday earlier than I would of liked. Headache still lingers. Go to lunch with friends. Run some errands for the bride. Keep hydrating. Headache doesn’t fade. No time for naps. Get ready. Rush out the door. Wedding festivities. Take more Advil. Come home and go to bed.

Sleep poorly. Get up. Eat breakfast with friends. Headache lingers. Take Advil. Get in the car. Head back to San Francisco. Immediately put on pajamas and catch up on my stories on my DVR while laying on the couch. Google headache causes. Freak out. Go for a walk thinking fresh air might help. It doesn’t. Go grocery shopping. Eat a late lunch. Take a nap. Headache lingers. Drink more water. Attempt to go to bed early. More google and WebMD of headache symptoms and causes. Freak out part 2. Hope catching up on sleep helps.

Wake up hoping the headache is gone to go for a run before work. It’s not. Hydrate. Go to work. Headache comin’ in hot. Take Advil. Can’t focus. More googling. Too much pain. Make a doctor’s appointment for the AM. Come home from work. Eat dinner. Go to bed while still light out.

Wake up. What’s that…is my headache…STILL THERE. Get ready. Walk to doctor’s appointment. List symptoms for my doctor. Doctor runs neurological tests. Thinks my headaches are not a brain tumor (Yay!). Doctor gives me migraine meds to try and lists a plan of attack for ruling out migraines (most likely), followed by tension headaches and finally the least likely culprit, allergies.

So here we are. Dose 1 of Relpax migraine meds has been taken. Dose 2 in the next 30 minutes and if this doesn’t work we move on to 3 days for tension headache remedies including heavy does ibuprofen, muscle relaxants and massage. If none of that works then it’s a cocktail of Claritin, Sudafed and Motrin.

I feel like an episode of House. Even though I’ve never seen that show. Fingers crossed it’s just migraines…I guess. For now, the google/WebMD and I are keeping our distance.


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